Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes, he's chestnut "But he's got PALOMINO genes"!

OMG!! This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. People who breed horses and profess to be experts and yet KNOW NOTHING!!

I had called a while back on a horse that was listed for sale. It was a Tennessee Walking Horse mare and she was advertised as "A bright red chestnut with palomino genes!" Okay, WTF? Are you a total moron or something? If your freakin mare is CHESTNUT she has NO PALOMINO GENES!! I don't care if both her parents were palominos and all four grandparents were palominos, if she is chestnut SHE HAS NO PALOMINO GENES!
First of all there is no such thing as a "Palomino" gene. It's called a 'cream gene' or a 'dilution factor' and if your horse had the gene on a chestnut base IT WOULD BE A PALOMINO! (It is a DOMINANT GENE) The fact that your RED horse is not a palomino means IT CANNOT HAVE A PALOMINO GENE!!


Back when I used to breed Peruvians there was a lady who was a breeder that used this line all the time...."Chestnut but with palomino genes". I tried to tell her on numerous ocaissions that this is not possible but she never seemed to get it. Alrighty folks it is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! It is simple genetics 101. If your bay or chestnut had a cream gene it would be a buckskin or palomino, NOT A BAY OR CHESTNUT! Dominant gene=expressed trait. Now, this does not apply to blacks/seal browns which can and often DO mask the cream gene. So if someone has a black stallion from a buckskin sire and a palomino dam (Totally possible) he could VERY LIKELY have a cream gene! (ie..he could very likely produce dilute colors such as palomino and buckskin - depending of course on the mares color)

So the bottom line is, if you do not want to look like a complete IDIOT, do NOT tell knowledgeable folks that your chestnut "great red hope" has palomino genes, because guess what??? HE DOESN'T!!!

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