Friday, August 28, 2009

Michelle Obama helps scamming Americans!!

These people are in line at a soup kitchen!!!

First Lady Michelle Obama showed up Thursday as a "surprise volunteer" at Miriam's Kitchen, a soup kitchen for homeless poor people in DC. She brought with her some food donated by White House staff.

The first lady served up mushroom risotto and broccoli to a long line of homeless men and women during part of her lunch hour, and in these photos poses for a picture for one homeless diner -- understandably excited to be in the First Lady's presence.

It doesn't detract from the First Lady's "generous photo-op gesture" to ask two bothersome journalistic questions about this news photo:

** 1) If this unidentified meal recipient is too poor to buy his own food, how does he afford a cell phone (it's a Blackberry) ?

** 2) And if he is homeless, where do they send the cell phone bills?

... We are all being played as idiots..... as usual.


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