Monday, August 31, 2009

Liberals defend Al Qaeda's Right To Privacy!


WASHINGTON, DC — Nancy Pelosi defended terrorists’ right to privacy last week. “I have ordered my staff to stop screening packages sent to me that might contain bombs, because that is like eavesdropping. We should not be eavesdropping on phone calls and emails by Al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S.,” she said a few seconds before she was blown to shreds in her office at the Capitol.

“I voted for the Iraq war because I was deceived, not because I am stupid or gutless,” she had said moments earlier, but now she was gutless and, now that she is dead, perhaps we can agree that she was stupid.

Senator Ted Kennedy was not impressed by a report that eavesdropping authorized by President Bush uncovered a plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, that the plotter was convicted by a U.S. court and sent to jail, and that the court saw no constitutional problem or illegality in the eavesdropping.

“The judge was probably a conservative,” said Kennedy. “It is wrong to eavesdrop, wronger than blowing up bridges. I will defend to the death the right to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge. Not with my life. But with the lives of others, such as the people crossing the bridge.”

Emma Dubin

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