Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay... The Party IS OVER!!!

Well, our annual Pimp and Ho Halloween came and went. For the most part it was great fun with lots of good friends and laughs. There were a few strange moments but for the most part it was all good.

As usual there were the normal bunch of friends, then there were a bunch of 'new-friends' (ie..."friends" we have never met nor particularly want to meet again). A few of the highlights and some of the more 'annoying' moments are written about below.

The party started out innocent enough...good food, lots of silly girls in silly "Ho" outfits and lots of very embarassed husbands at those same silly wives behaviour.

There were two school teachers here. They were dressed as slinky dance-hall girl type Ho's. Very adorable actually. They were having a great time with their husbands.

At about 9:00 pm our 'exotic dancer' (stripper) showed up. Her name was April, she was very cute, very sweet and a lot of fun. She took turns lap dancing for everyone. She was of course topless but was a 'good girl' and kept her undies on the whole time. It was all fun, nothing lewd or skanky.

What is it though about women, that when you get a bunch of middle age ladies together, throw in a bunch of booze and then Oh Gawd.... a Stripper, those "ladies" just seem to throw all caution to the wind and become "Pole Possessed"???

So we have our cute and young stripper girl "April" and she's dancing on the pole and she's only in her twenties, so she actually looks good topless. No sagging skin, no wrinkles and her boobies are nice and high and still perky. (Unlike us 'older' ladies).

Well all of a sudden there are 8 of my middle aged friends like myself and they are all vying for April's attention on the pole. The more alcohol they consume, the sexier they think they are and it becomes a middle-aged-pole dance competition! So here we have a bunch of women acting like drunken pole dancers, none of whom should ever expose their 40+ year old bodies to the public, and they are rip roaring drunk and having a great time!! The husbands are all sitting back shaking their heads and not quite sure what to make of all of it.

My girlfirend from high school is taking pictures (Literally HUNDREDS of them!) Well folks let me tell you... We had three school teachers, a fire-woman, a woman that works for the sherriff's dept as well as 2 nurses and a lawyer....... and they were all drunk, being goofy, exposing boobies everywhere and POLE DANCING!!!

I was laughing so hard I peed my pants!!

HELLO LADIES!!! You all have major important jobs where good behaviour is crucial and YOU ARE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED DANCING ON A BRASS POLE!! ROFLMAO!!!

After the party I had several women come up and ask what we were going to do with the pictures. I guess they were having second thoughts about being "photographed on a brass pole!" And, while I have no intention of ever publishing those pictures anywhere that would get them in any kind of trouble I have to ask them...... "Well, if you were so worried about it, what the hell were you doing on a brass pole dancing with your top off?"

Alcohol, girls and a brass pole.... it's a dangerous mix!

I have to say that it's never the men that misbehave at these parties, it's always the goofy, drunken wives. They for one night a year dress as sluts, get drunk and wild, shed clothing and each and every husband just watches from afar and wonders....... "Why don't we do this more often?"

I posted pictures on my facebook account ( Shawna Marie Bloom. They are pretty funny!

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