Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's try and play "Blogger Catchup" now!

Well folks, here it is... October 29, 2009 alreday and I haven't posted much in the last month at all. Bad blogger girl, bad!! So I am now going to try and play catch-up this week and get at least five or six new blog posts done by this saturday.

I have lots of snarky things to talk about but right now I am at work and need to take care of some business. Tonight I'll hit the computer and get some stuff posted. Bear with me till I get back on track here! Thanks everyone!!

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  1. Hi Shawna, Me too, I haven't posted since 10/ I've been busy too. Looks like your Pimp & Ho party was a success. Great pictures. Oh, I liked the info on the new postal stamp...very interesting, I won't be buying any of those stupid looking stamps! Sorry, but isn't that religious? Would they print one with a cross on it or with Christ on it? NO! I need to go over to MySpace and check out some of my friends there who I've sort of deserted since I've been blogging and using FB....See ya. Yvonne aka Mumzie :)